Our Courses

Technical Courses (Levels I, II, III):

Levels I through III focus on the theory behind audits, reviews, compilations, and financial statement preparation engagements. At AHI we believe that by understanding the “why” behind the procedures, new staff will be prepared for all types of engagements that will arise in their career. Participants apply these concepts to realistic case scenarios, with a focus on understanding the process rather than the format. At AHI, our goal is to develop thinkers, not just doers. Our Levels I through III courses are designed especially for any staff who will be performing audits, reviews, compilations, or financial statement preparation engagements.

Leadership Courses (Levels IV and V):

Levels IV and V are soft skills training courses that benefit both the person attending and their organization. These two courses are applicable for various accounting departments (i.e. audit, tax, consulting, and accounting services) but because these are universal leadership concepts, they are equally applicable to other professional business leaders.

AHI soft skills training will help improve efficiency, make managers and senior managers more effective with others, and increase the organization’s bottom line. Also, as these courses often include other industries besides accounting, there is an opportunity to work and network with leadership professionals from other industries.

Level I - Basic Staff Training

To improve inexperienced staff members′ knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to be more productive and profitable on audits, reviews and compilations.

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Level II - Semi-Senior Staff Training

To enable more experienced staff to complete smaller audits, reviews and compilations with minimum supervision and maximum profitability.

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Level III - Beginning In-Charge Staff Training

To enable experienced staff to advance more quickly to higher levels of responsibility and to become more profitable to their firms by helping them better plan and efficiently complete audits, supervise staff, review working papers and interact with partners and clients.

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Level IV - Management and Leadership Essentials

To help more experienced staff develop the non–technical skills needed to make their organization more profitable by improving their ability to profitably manage multiple projects, communicate with staff, partners/owners and client/customer personnel and recognize and deliver value–added services.

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Level V - Advanced Management and Leadership Essentials

To enable managers and senior managers to continue developing management and leadership skills necessary to be successful in their organizations. Topics highlight the leadership skills and situations that are common for managers and senior managers in today’s professional environment. Participants will be encouraged to examine and challenge their beliefs and approaches to managing and leading people.

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