1-day Advanced Management and Leadership Essentials (All Professionals)


This program is built as a next-stage learning program beyond the nontechnical people management skills covered in AHI’s first-level 1-Day Management and Leadership Essentials course for all professionals.  This course highlights leadership skills and situations that are common for managers in today’s professional environment. Participants will be encouraged to examine and challenge their beliefs and approaches to managing and leading people.

Course details

What is Expected of the Manager? (1 Hour)

  • Characteristics of a Successful Project – What messages do you get from your organization?  What do managers need to do to balance their focus on all the characteristics of a successful project?
  • The Manager Role in an Organization – How does the manager role compare to a lower-level supervisor role?  The importance of “ownership” for managers.

Managing Self and Priorities (2 Hours)

  • The Big-picture View of Prioritizing – Revisiting the Covey Activity Matrix (from AHI’s first-level Management and Leadership Essentials course)
  • The Ongoing Daily Approach to Meeting Priorities – The Allen “Getting Things Done” System
  • Managing your Reputation and Career Prospects – Identifying your career success routes, enlisting mentors and feedback allies, and building your development plan

Building Leadership Communication Skills (2.2 Hours)

  • The communication network for managers
  • Influence without Authority – Using influence skills to build productivity with staff, customers/clients, and senior management/owners
  • Empowering Meeting Leadership & Facilitation Skills

Leading Others – Coaching and Developing Staff (2.8 Hours)

  • On-the-Job Coaching & Development – Using a coaching approach to build performance and employee engagement
  • Performance Feedback & the Art of Delivering it – Feedback model and practice for using within on-the-job coaching
  • Delegating for Development versus for Results – Distinguishing between delegation approaches covered in AHI’s first-level Management and Leadership Essentials course
  • Career Advising & Mentoring Others – Skills for holding career conversations and mentoring others’ development in the organization
  • Team Building for Managers – Assessing current team functioning and identifying strategies for productively bringing work teams together.