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Yes, one credit hour for each 50 minutes of training.

The first three levels are technical courses designed for local and regional accounting staff that do audits but also provide tax, compilation and review & consulting services. Levels IV and V are soft skills courses designed for professional managers and leaders in all types of organizations.

Courses are updated annually to be technically current. Each course is carefully evaluated to assure continued high quality.

AHI materials are compatible with PPC audit and compilation and review manuals. Many PPC forms are incorporated in the cases used in AHI courses.

Courses are designed for participants to be actively involved in learning. Participants discuss and solve problems and cases in small groups and discuss their conclusion in the full group. Lectures are minimized.

Costs vary depending on which course, how it is taken (virtual or in-person) and the provider (AHI or State Society). Please refer to How to Take Courses for Specifics. 

Levels I, II and III build on each other to some extent but participants benefit from each course regardless of the order taken. The Levels IV and V, the Leadership and Management Courses, are stand alone.